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    Over charged battery. Hydrogen sulfide.

    Hi. After emergency help. Ive lived in a caravan for the last 4 weeks. I am hooked up to 240 always. And always had the 12v on too. I went away for a week. I came back. And the rotten egg smell was horrendous. At first i fort the waste tank as i didnt empty it. So cleaned that out. The bathroom...
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    Solar panels, 12v cool box, no battery charger..... Advice please.

    Hi everyone, hope all are well. So appears my 97 Elddis Alfresco doesn't have a charging unit. I assume it's previous owner removed it for some unknown reason. So my question... If I purchase this - Do I simply use...
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    Leisure Battery on my VW Caddy Maxi

    Hello everyone! I seek help and advice installing a leisure battery on my new VW Caddy Maxi! It's a 2015 model with blue motion technology, therefore smart alternator and break-regen and all of that! I searched for battery chargers and recently bought a " Schaudt WA 121525" booster because...