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    Caravan Homestead Home

    Hello everyone! Firstly new to this apologies if this is in the wrong place. However! I want to give you a scenario / Hypertherical set up (at present). I hope you will be able to help us with some basic questions. We are seeking to buy some land and eventually build a home on this land. We...
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    Shower drain

    My shower takes forever to drain . The pipes could probably do with a good clean out, however I was looking under the van for another reason an noticed that the drainage pipe runs up hill from the bottom of the shower drain??! Also, on a few occasions I've had unexplained water appear in the...
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    Hobby caravan shower

    Hi My Hobby 650 2001, we bought it recently and haven't been to it yet as it is in Wales. I can't see on the photo if it has a shower. If it doesn't can anyone recommend what I could do about the shower situation as our campsite is not opening the shower block and I would really like it to...