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    EMOVE Motor Mover stopped work, but works perfectly again (apparently)

    Hey I'm hoping someone can help me. I've recently bought my first caravan, a Swift Siena 6 Berth 2020, and I went away for the first time to Mablethorpe last weekend. We had a great time, but when I went to drop it off at the storage yard at home I had a hiccup with my motor mover. It's an...
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    Swift Basecamp 6

    Swift certainly kept this one quiet its not even on there website. Seems there is now a 6 berth option for a little under 25 thousand. Could you get a good second hand 6 berth for that? https://www.highbridgecaravans.co.uk/products/caravans/HCCQF124162/2022-swift-basecamp-6