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    TV Bracket Mounting Advice Elddiss

    I'm looking to mount a TV in our bedroom area and would really appreciate some guidance/help. Our Elddis Affinity has what looks like a dedicated mounting plate for TV mounting in the bedroom area (see image). Does anyone know how to use/remove it?
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    Caravan TV bracket

    Hi all. New to caravanning this year. In our caravan (Sprite Major 6) is a fitting on the wall near the TV aerial that I assume is designed to a TV arm bracket to fit into....but I have no idea what sort of bracket would fit into it. Does anyone recognise this fitting in the photo and could...
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    Where to get a TV bracket plate for triple arm TV bracket for 2012 Lunar Venus 500/4 4-Berth caravan, please ?

    Hi - I have just joined the forum and have just bought a 2012 Lunar Venus 500/4 4-Berth . It is fitted with a triple arm TV bracket in the rear bedroom area, as shown in the attached pic, but it seems to be missing the bracket plate that would screw to the rear of the flat screen TV and...