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    Can you use a roof box on your caravan?

    I recently saw a roof box that is made for you caravans rather than cars, and I'm just wondering how it would work. As far as I've been told, it's not safe to stand on the roof of your caravan as the added weight can be dangerous on your roof. Considering this, would it be safe to use a roof box...
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    why do motor movers have different weights?

    I'm just looking at motor movers, and I've found that they all seem to vary in their weight. Does the weight matter? And what is the difference between a heavier motor mover and a lighter motor mover? I'm guessing the heavier ones are made to move heavier caravans?
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    Technical Towing Weights on a BMW 125D

    Hi all So unfortunately this week my trusty 54-plate Audi A3 has been written off (non-fault accident) - this was the vehicle we used for towing our small 2 berth caravan. I'm absolutely gutted as it had taken us 80k miles in 5 years all over the UK on camping adventures :( Anyway, we also...