13 pin plug wiring

Aug 24, 2009
Apologies if this has been covered before.

Here are a few differences i have encountered in the wire colours and positions i have come across compared to the published ones.

(wickersham manual and city and guilds handbook)

1-7 are all ok but

Pin 8 (reverselights) Wickersham has this as pink, C&G has it as orange but i found it to be grey on a 2007 Tabbert.

Pin 9 (perm live)Wickersham has this as orange, but both c&g and Tabbert have it as blue/brown.

Pin 10 (ign controlled/ fridge)Wickersham has this as Grey but c&g and Tabbert have it as brown/red.

Pin 11 (return for 10) Wickersham has it white/black.c&g have it white/blue and the Tabbert had it white /red.

Pin 12 they all agree it is spare

Pin 13 (earth return for 9)wickersham hes it white/red, c&g have it white/green and Tabbert have it white/black

Now pin 11-13 shouldnt really matter as long as it is a white/trace as both are returns at 2.5mm.

But i have found with 8-10 if there is pink /orange/grey wires in the cable then the Wickersham manual diagram is ok.

If there is an orange and brown/trace then C&g is fine.

If there is grey and brown/trace you have the the final version.

All very confusing especially if your converting from 12s to 13 pin
Nov 12, 2009
hi dougie, if ye go to the last page in tech section ye will see a post re reversing lights, sproket gave a link to the diagram on this.

Aug 24, 2009
I had a look at sprokets diagram which does appear to be ISO standard which pin 8-10 agrees with wickersham ( or other way about) but does not agree with City and Guilds book or the wiring i have found on a Tabbert which had grey as reverse lights and two brown/trace wires in 9+10.

I have now wired up three 13 pin plugs to two different wiring set-ups and they have all worked fine. Beware!!!!
Apr 7, 2008

The link i posted is from sargentltd.co.uk

There information page is a good view as to what they do.

"" We can provide a full design and manufacturing service for the majority of wired electrical products to the latest electrical standards, including BS7671, EN1648, BS EN 8092 and 89/336/EEC etc.

We operate a 3rd party assessed Quality system in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 to the following scope: ""

The link is just a guide.

Link sargent
Aug 24, 2009
What a cracking link,it does appear that sargent use the ISO system.

I wonder what C&g,Tabbert and possibly others are using. It still means there are a number of permutations in use so caution is still advised


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