2008 Coachman VIP - Water problem

Jul 1, 2019
My mum and dad are abroad in a 2008 Coachman VIP. Their water system is playing up.

It is a Truma Ultraflow, with pump into an Aquaroll. It has a Surge Damper and Pressure Switch. It also has an external filter. The pump light on the control panel is permanently on. The pump is not working.

My dad thinks maybe the Surge Dampet and Pressure Seitch unit has failed.

Has anyone any suggestions as to what to try? They have tried a spare pump but to no avail.

They are due to cross next Sunday, but will cross tomorrow if it can’t be sorted
Nov 16, 2015
Ask your folks if the pump is running, if it is , get them to check the filter, next to the water pump, maybe even remove it completly. And of course check the fuse for the pump itself, and check the tap end filters. Hopefully others will come back with more help.
Jul 1, 2019
Thanks for getting back to me.

They always travel with two pumps (because of previous experience of things breaking whilst in the EU), so have tried two to no avail. They are trying the other things now though.
Mar 14, 2005
I don't know how confident your parents may be with wiring, but I would try to prove if the pump is actually able to work by powering it directly from the the battery, or by linking out the pressure switch.

That would establish if it's the pump or the pressure switch that has failed. If it is the pump that's failed, then it's possible to replace it locally with almost any one they can get hold of.

If it seems to be the items in the caravan, it may be a bit trickier to find them locally.

Some UK caravan accessory shops will send items abroad, but I don't know how quickly.
May 7, 2012
If two pumps do not work then it sounds as if the problem is elsewhere. They could possibly borrow another working pump to be sure, if that is possible.Have they tried adjusting the pressure switch which can get out of adjustment and could produce the problem.


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