A bit of hilarity!

Jul 18, 2017
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Yesterday due to issues we had to find another caravan site and chose the CAMC Ramslade site. We booked the Ramslade site Online and also paid for the pitch at the same time.

On arrival I gave our name to the lady in the reception and on checking her sheet asked if we had made a booking. I replied in the affirmative and also informed her that we had booked the site about 2 hours previously which is why it probably was not on the sheet. Booking located on computer and all sorted. The lady gave us a map of the site and informed us which pitches were available for us and said we can chose which one we would like.

Found a very nice very level pitch and took everything out of the car and moved car to offside of caravan. Really impressed with the landscaping, layout and the pitch. Another warden came by and politely told us that we should not be on the pitch and we should have left. I thought "Oh no and now what have we done wrong".

I informed her that we had only just arrived and were setting up. She apologised as she had thought because of all our gear lying by the side of the caravan we were still in the process of packing up to leave ! We had a good laugh about it probably me more from relief than anything else. It turned out that the previous occupier left a bit late and the pass key was not in the office. LOL! :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:


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