A sensible match?

Aug 31, 2005
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We have looking around for our first caravan and have found out that our Renualt Laguna 1.9Dci Tourer is about as good for towing as a childs push bike!!

We have looked at alot of different layouts etc but have found the Avondale 510/5 to match what we want. Its important that 4 adults can sleep comfortably.

But I want to make absolutely sure that we aren't biting off more than we can handle for our first caravan.

The MRO of the 510/5 is 1030 and the curb weight of the car is 1350 so working on the 85% rule would give 1147 so it matches have I done my sums correctly? or is the 85% rule applied to the MTPLM?

Sorry if this question has been asked loads of times but I'm a little confused, I have looked at www.whattowcar.com and it comes out at 83% but I have my doubts as the site is German and so uses european specs for the cars. Any advice/pointers greatfully recieved.
Aug 12, 2005
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Hi Matt,

I was just like you when we took the plunge with our first van, totally confussed. The 85% rule is on the MTPLM not the miro. The miro weight is the weight of the van when it left the factory, the MTPLM is the maximum weight the van should be when fully loaded with awning, gas bottles, batteries, personal belongings etc. I found the manufactures of the caravan are very helpful, they have the MTPLM of all their vans from previous years so it's worth while giving them a call to establish the correct MTPLM. Hope this helps.

Aug 27, 2005
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matt, we have a PT cruiser that dsespite being a big car has a similar problem of a 1000kg limit.

We found the 1990's lunar range to be about the best, coming in at around the 700 - 800kg mark. The 5 berths are especially light.


Apr 11, 2005
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Matt you are wrong.

The 85% rule goes on the MTPLM.

The rule is only a guideline for you.

So you cud does it.

I would not go other the 85% rule. So people would go other it but I think the more the pulling vehicle is then the caravan the better you are.

Seen has this is your fist I would stick to the 85% rule.

Mar 14, 2005
The maximum permissible towload of the Laguna 1.9DCI Tourer is 1500kg.

The MTPLM of the Avondale 510/5 is 1250kg which is about 93% of the kerbweight of the car but still below the maximum towload. That's a little higher than the recommended ideal condition but still manageable if you take a bit of extra care when towing.

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