ABI Globestar distribution board

Jun 13, 2005
Hi guys,

got a problem, any advice?

Basically, conected my 12v leisure battery to crocodile clips.

Nothing working, lights, fridge, etc, etc.

Only 1 light showing on distribution board telling me battery reversed?

So, changed battery terminals around and now no life at all!!!

Fuses are all ok but some seem a bit dead when conected (some contact the inner spring whereas some appear to be loose when fitted)

Any ideas?

Thanks, jacobite47
Mar 14, 2005
There is often an in-line fuse fitted to the one or both battery leads. One of these may have blown.

The fuses in the distribution board should be replaced with the correct current rating and physical size.

Further than that it is difficult to suggest a DIY solution.

Do bear in mind that even 12Vdc can be very dangerous if a circuit is short circuited. With the enormous current capacity of a battery overheating and a fire is a real danger.

I suggest you use a qualified electrician to investigate.


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