Acrylic Windows Cracking

Aug 7, 2018
Hi all. My name is Keith and i own a Bailey Pegasus Brindisi 2016 model. My towing vehicle is a 3Ltr X3 BMW. I recently noticed cracking around the window handles on 6 of the units,having contacted the dealers they referred me to the manfacturers who advised that if the windows were cracked then they were still under warranty,however the manufacturers insist that it is crazing therefore not covered, has anyone else had this problem and does anyone know of an independant person i can contact to get an independant report on the problem. I feel that i am getting passed from one person to another in the hopes that i will go away The replacements are about £250 each and i do not feel i should have to spend that much on a caravan which is just over 2 years old.
Nov 11, 2009
If you feel that the crazing/ cracking is a defect then I would take it up with the dealer reminding them of their responsibilities under the CRA 2015. They sold you the caravan and it is their responsibility and it’s not satisfactory to refer you elsewhere. This piece of consumer legislation is a powerful incentive for companies to resolve such issues. If you paid over £100 towards the caravan using a credit card then Section 75 gives you the opportunity to go to the credit card company to seek redress. But my first route would be to discuss with the dealer and let them know that you are aware of the CRA and Section 75 if you can’t get a satisfactory resolution. Look on the YOUGOV. UK site for info on CRA 2015 and Section 75.
Have you tried the Bailey Owners Club for any similar problems.

It’s affecting Swifts too so it could be a generic problem. Here’s a link.
Jun 20, 2005
Go with Otherclive suggestion.
Your dealer is prima facie in the hot seat. No one else. If need be use the small claims court and the Consumer Rights Act 2016.
May 7, 2012
Frankly you are being fobbed off. If the surface is cracking it is defective and depending on the date of purchase you have a right of repair against the dealer under the Consumer Rights Act or The Sale of Goods Act. If you used a credit card either for the deposit or bought on HP then you also have rights against the finance company and if so contact them.
Make it clear to the that you are aware of the legislation and will be proceeding against them if the problem is not rectified. Bailey's opinion and that of the window manufacturer is not going to save them, Windows should not crack or craze in normal use.
If you are a member of either of the two clubs speak to their helpline and if not check the Citizens Advice website but stand your corner and if need be use the small claims court. The procedure is quick and easy for you but expensive for those defending.


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