All coming together

Mar 27, 2011
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Hi All, finally things are getting sorted and all for the good.
Transfer of Bailey warranty, as I’d had no reply from them about my transfer request I phoned and I was pleased to hear that it’s all gone through ok and my warranty is valid from the date I sent my request, I couldn’t see any reason why it wouldn’t be ok but it’s still a relief to be told it’s all now sorted, it just took a bit longer as they had a backlog due to lockdown, so one thing sorted.
I’ve bit the bullet and ordered the Alko wheel lock and I’ll relax once it arrives and I can put it on.
I’ve also had my milenco nose weight gauge delivered and seems well made and nothing flimsy about it, I’ll definitely be using it when we next go away which is about 4 weeks from now. Thanks Clive.
what with everything we had already purchased for our new pride and joy it’s been an expensive few weeks but we have no regrets whatsoever.

stay safe everyone things are getting a bit dicey again.


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