Andy Capp &Flo

Jul 30, 2007
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Thought I would share a picture with you thats on our shed wall.

About 20 years ago,my supervisor told me he used to work in Botswana in charge if about 15 local workers.

One of these workers seemed to be very interested in newspapers from the UK.

My supervisor happened to have a copy of the Daily Mirror with him and gave it to this local workman.

After about 3 weeks,the workman presented my supervisor with a parcel which measured about 2 ft.high and 3ft.wide.

Apparently,the local workman had taken a shine to Andy &Flo,and made 2 figures out of welding rods!!!!!

Clever eh?

Ive had them on my wall ever since as supervisor wanted to donate them to a charity shop and I offered him £20 for them which he accepted and donated the money.

Over the years,I've had many offers for them but their so unusual I've kept them.20210603_164150_compress48.jpg
Jul 30, 2007
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Lots of people admire them as they walk past our house.
2 people asked who drew them on the wall.🤭
Every so often I take them down and give them a coat of Hammerite.
Jun 16, 2020
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Well I might get my wrists slapped but if it’s OK to say on the Chase!

Willi Wakker

In Germany he is known as Willi Wakker, the French call him Andre Chapeau and in Ghana he is simply An'Dicap. In Britain he is plain old Andy Capp, one of the most famous cartoon characters in the world.


PS, does that mean that the Germans DO have a sense of humour?
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