Annex Inner tent - free - postage only.

May 24, 2014
Some time back we had a dorema awning with two annexes and we bought two universal inner tents for them. While sorting out my caravan stuff I found one of these inner tents. It has been used only once, and apart from some very light staining on the underside of the groundsheet where it has been in contact, its as new. We bought these rather than Dorema ones as the footprint is a little larger and therefore took two air beds easier than any others we found. Anyway, free to anybody that wants it if you cover postage, about a fiver I would think.

It will fit any of the small (not tall) annexes, i.e. the ones that slope down. It is 146cm high and the footprint is 198 cm x 135 cm.

As we have a tall annex, it wont fit ours.



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