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Archies Campings - Important news on UK sites

Dec 14, 2006
There is a new update to Archies Campings on line today. For those not familiar with it, this is a website with files of POI's for more than 33,000 campsites throughout Europe, which can be downloaded and installed on most types of SatNav. There is access to an App which can be used on smartphones, or tablets, and used when not on-line.

Archie has been doing a lot of work on UK sites, because users have complained that not all UK sites take tents, and that a lot of the sites listed (Club sites) were members only. As a result these sites will be a separate download from other UK sites.

Other updating work has gone ahead as usually, changing opening dates, phone numbers, etc.

Please share this post with any other forums where you think it provide useful information. As well as camping and caravanning, these could includ motorbike groups, hiking groups, etc.



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