Archies Campings - March 2020 update

Dec 14, 2006
On line from 01/03/2020 is a new update to Archies Campings March 2020. For anyone who doesn’t know, Archies is a website from which you can download the POIs for more than 33,000 campsites throughout Europe, including in the UK. There is also access to an App which can be used on-line or off-line, giving the same information. This has a small cost, but includes lifetime updates of all the information. ‘Archie’ and a few volunteers work tirelessly on the information to keep it up to date, and here is Archie’s latest message to users:
“Due to all the changes that took place on January 1, there were some errors in some files that were online. Some files were also missing, particularly in the UK folder. I apologize for these imperfections. Hopefully all files are now error-free online.
This time, a huge amount of data has changed, especially in the opening dates and the telephone numbers in Denmark and the former Yugoslavia (Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia and Serbia). In these countries I have added quite a few extra campsites to the database. Thanks to the feedback from someone visiting the Scandinavian countries, a number of campsites have been added in Sweden.
If you have plans to visit one of these countries, it is vital to download the latest information.
And as always, please, if you find anything which isn’t 100% correct, let me know!!!
Please can I ask anyone reading this to share it with other Facebook groups, on other camping, caravanning and motorhome forums, as well as any other groups and forums where you think the information might be useful.



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