Atc problem

Aug 11, 2013
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Hi all went too look at my caravan the other day and found that the atc light is on and green all the time tried connecting it to my car to see if the light would go out But now the light is flashing green all the time when not connected to anything Any ideas ?
Jun 16, 2020
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The ATC should be independent of the caravan electrics so this should not be able to happen. Seems you have a wiring issue to get sorted.

I have the same mover. And either at the original fitting, or when it was returned to Truma for a new control box and activation motors. Someone managed to cause a short between the two systems. As a result. Using the mover activates the ATC . This has to be when taking the rollers off the wheels as the next time I come to use it the brakes are on. It took a long time to sus this out. I could not find the fault within the mess of wiring. So I fixed the problem by wiring the ATC to the van battery through a switch. Now, using that switch I can get the ATC to go through itโ€™s initialisation sequence and clear the problem. The switch is then turned off for normal use.

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