Auto-Trail Cheyenne 840S Water pump problems

Aug 30, 2013
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I have a problem with my water supply in my Autotrail Cheyenne 840S. The water pump runs continuously and the hot water (and occasionally the cold) spits when the taps are opened. I noticed that when the pump was priming the system I could see air bubbles coming up the tube to the water heater. The problem I have is that the clear pipe comes directly from the pump which is drawing water directly from the tank, where is the air getting into the system as there are NO leaks? I presume the pump is running continuously due to being unable to sufficiently pressurize the system due to the air.


Jul 28, 2011
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If the system has been drained down it is normal for there to be spits until it has been refilled, when flow should become smooth.
However, the pump should run continuously only when one or more taps are open. If it is running even with all taps closed then there is a fault somewhere in the system which needs investigating.


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