Bailey Orion 460/5 2013/14 - advice

May 30, 2022
We are looking at buying a Bailey Orion 460/5 and just wanted to find out if there is anything we should be aware of prior to purchase (I.e., are they prone to any issues, has anyone had one, are they any good etc…?).

We are first time buyers but we have done a lot of research and this caravan layout (5 berth with lounge/double bed, single dinette conversion, bunk beds and good size shower room) is best for us but also the shipping length is too.
We wanted a Bailey Pursuit but at 7.4m it will not fit on our drive whereas the Orion at 6.5m will.

Also, I believe they were only made up until 2013/14; should we be concerned about the age of the caravan? Is it wise to buy an older model?
Jun 16, 2010
Before committing, get any van you've set your heart on checked over by a caravan engineer. A lot of the problems aren't always obvious but can come back to bite you later

Nothing necessarily wrong with an older van if its been looked after and serviced regularly.

Both my sister in law and a friend ignored my advice to get caravans they were interested in checked over. Both have major issues that had been concealed

Just don't let your heart rule your head!
May 7, 2012
I know of no specific problems for this model which was a dealer special based on the Orion. My personal opinion was that it was far nicer inside so the dealer Ropers chose well.
I would go along with littlebasher in that if you are not familiar with caravans and it is a private purchase get it examined by someone who is or a caravan engineer. With private purchasers do get the vin number and check this with CRiS to see if it is reported stolen or on HP and get proof of ownership and all service and repair documents. If things go wrong you have very little comeback unless you can show the seller lied.
With reputable dealers you should be fa more secure and for a novice they should be the safest for new buyers.[ You do have far better rights if these are problems though.
There are plenty of far good older caravans about, the age should not be a problem if you take the right precautions.