bailey pagaent provence windows

Feb 6, 2006
Has anyone experienced cloud mist in the inside skin of the windows.The caravan is in our back garden and when the sun is on the side of the van, these appear. Is this normal or has the seal gone on the windows.The caravan was new last year 2005.
Jul 15, 2005
Plastic caravan windows are not hermetically sealed - if you look near the lower edge of the windows you should find two black rubber bungs - well that's were they are on our Eriba.

If your window builds up a film of vapour, remove the bungs and let the window get hot in the sun - a dark piece of cardboard behind the window will help the heat build up.

You could also try blowing air through the window with a hair-dryer on low speed / cold air setting.

Allow the window to cool to room temperature and replace the bungs - repeat if necessary.

During manufacture the windows are flushed out with dry nitrogen gas - but room air and water vapour will slowly gain access.

Jul 7, 2005

this is quite normal, the fogging will clear as the air temperature rises. If you use the 'van in Cold weather you may notice this also happens first thing in the Morning, either when the Sun shines, on just one part of a Window, or when you put the heating on and the inside Temperature Rises Quickly. Rob has covered all the options, however I just leave it to sort itself out. About Ten Years ago I bought a Brand New Swift, first time out two of the Front Windows Misted Badly. Following some previous advice, I removed the Clear Bungs, the windows didn't clear any quicker and it took me Days to get them back in. It is certainly nothing to worry about.

Regards Eddie 1 From Nottingham.
Jun 17, 2011
I has the same problem with a Bailey Monarch. Interesting the windows are only guaranteed 12 months. The bungs referred to here were at the top of mine.


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