Bailey Pageant bretagne series 5 having big condensation pro...

Mar 29, 2005
we have just got a new Bailey Pageant bretagne series 5 and we are having

a big condensation Problem with the back door as it gets a lot of condensation on it we have to put the bed mattress in a bin bag this can't be right .Does anybody know what the R.H should be in a new van as I have been told different things i.e. 12% and up to 20% as the readings that I am getting are indifferent with these.Regards steve jones

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Mar 14, 2005
Hello Steve, There is no right or wrong figure for R.H. in a caravan, quite simply that is determined by the weather and how you use the caravan. Here are some basic facts.

1. Warm air can carry more moisture than cold air

2. Air will condense some of its moisture if it is cooled far enough.

3. Insufficient ventilation can encourage condensation

When you use a caravan, invariably you will warm it up. this means the air inside will be able to take up more moisture from sources such as breathing, boiling water, and the use of open(exposed) gas flames. When this air comes into contact with a cold surface the air is cooled and has to give up some of its moisture as condensation. Those surfaces that conduct heat well (metal and aluminium extrusions) will tend to collect more condensation. Don't forget that a caravan has a relatively small volume compared to most rooms in a house, and we tend to put more people in them, so the amount of moisture exhaled will be significantly greater per meter cubed than in a house.

Generally the best thing you can do is to ensure that sufficient ventilation with the outside air is maintained. One of the worst things you can do is to block up the ventilation slots the manufacture provides.These will not only help to keep the condensation under better control, but will also help to ensure you and your family have enough oxygen.

Don't use the gas cooker (open flames)to heat the caravan - far better to use a room sealed gas heater (Carver/Truma/etc) These do not add any condensation to the inside of the caravan, or an electric heater.

Hope this helps.
Mar 14, 2005
Hi Steve,

I Think we've got the Bailey Ranger layout of your van , it's a 550/6 with fixed bunks on the rear wall of the van.

We've just returned from our first trip in it and we've had similar problems- both of the bunk mattresses are now airing in our house as they got quite wet along with the pillows !

We did have the heating on all the time as it was quite cold and rained a lot, at first I thought it was a leak but when it happened on the next night when it didn't rain, I realised it had to be condensation.

It appears that it is difficult to air around these bunks.

I don't know what the answer is, so am keen to see your replies.

Regards, Mike.
Mar 29, 2005
How to overcome condensation

Condensation occurs when the humidity inside the tourer exceeds 60% or ventilation is not sufficient. To overcome this, take the following action:

Leave a rooflight open or in the night vent position.

Put windows onto night vent position (see handbook)

Leave doors open between compartments.Do not wash crockery last thing at night, it creates moisture in the air.

Do not boil water last thing at night and empty all water from kettles, etc.

Remove flowers or vases containing water from sleeping quarters.

Keep temperatures at night to a minimum (hot air contains water vapour)

Increase ventilation in inclement or very wet weather.

You cannot expect to eliminate condensation completely but following the above hints will help towards a more comfortable environment.


Condensation in touring caravans is caused by a build up of moisture in the air contained in the caravan, not water ingress or damp. This is because the interior wallboard in a caravan is covered with a vinyl paper, which will not let water pass through.

Condensation may be encountered from time to time and this is quite normal. The only way to stop a build up of condensation is to follow the points listed below and also follow the points in the handbook for your own caravan.

When in storage

1. If possible, remove all the caravan upholstery. If not, stand the cushions on their edges allowing air to circulate around them.

2. Regularly air the caravan by opening the windows and allowing fresh air into the van.

3. Do not heat the caravan as this will increase condensation.

4. Make sure any vents are not blocked or obstructed.

5. Any products which say they will reduce condensation may be used, i.e. bowls of salt.

When in use

1. Make sure that any vents fitted into the van are not blocked or obstructed.

2. Windows should be used on the night vent position.

3. Avoid boiling water or cooking late at night.

4. Always air cushions well after use as a bed.

Note Condensation is not covered by any warranties.

Should you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact me on the helpline number 0117 3052939 or e-mail


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