Bailey Senator Wyoming 2009

Aug 14, 2019
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I have recently purchased a 2009 Bailey Senator Wyoming twin axle. Last week when parking it up at the storage yard the handbrake spring pack broke free. I was informed by my local dealer that this was due to me winding the jockey wheel into the spring and bending it, the only thing to do was replace the spring pack as it comes with a compressing nut on one end compressing the spring to allow fitting. I was told that the Al-Ko hitch would use either a V150 or V200 spring pack and I should be able to identify which one on the ID plate. When I looked today there is a very small ID plate but it didn’t say if it is the V150 or V200 fitted. Does anyone know which one it is fitted to the 2009 Wyoming?
May 7, 2012
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If you go on the Bailey web site from "caravans" you can download the handbook and manual. Hope you can find the answer in there.
There is also the option of ordering from them which might also work.


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