Bailey spare parts.

Jun 3, 2022
Hi all, just bought a 2010 Bailey Pegasus in surprisingly good condition having only 2 previous owners with full service history and no rotten floors!! couple of jobs I will need to do is replace the front and rear bumper seals which have shrunk over the years and no longer prevent water getting down onto those pesky floor corners.Is therea good supplier out there for Bailey parts ??

TIA. peter.c
May 7, 2012
Prima Leisure is owned by Bailey and is the official supplier of Bailey parts. They are generally pretty good as from my experience although I was buying commercial products rather than Bailey.
If they do not have them possibly breakers like SFM are your best bet.
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Mar 27, 2011
Hi all, I’ve got a 2018 GT70 RIMINI, The van is in excellent condition but on a recent trip I had slight accident when I caught an open window as I walked past and it resulted in a top corner of one of the windows broke off, I have made a temporary bodge up so it’s not so obvious, I’m pretty sure it’s not going to leak at all, so my options are limited, I’ve got insurance which is good and window is covered apart from £200 excess but window not available until September which I’m unhappy about, I can’t buy a window myself as prima will only sell to a dealer, it’s not the end of the world but as I said it’s in excellent condition with no faults so it would be good to get it done sooner as got a 3 week trip coming up in a few weeks, I don’t fancy a 2nd hand window as good chance of it being scratched, I doubt any other option I don’t know about but I thought I’d try posting on here to see if any ideas, new window in area of £800.
Nov 16, 2015
I would think as long as your "Bodge" is suitable for a couple of month to keep the water out you shouldbe ok. I carry a roll of Gorilla clear tape and a roll of Aluminium tape to "build" bodges. Works very well .
Mar 27, 2011
Thanks for replies guys I’m fairly sure it’s waterproof and if need be I can wait I just wondered if any idea where I could get one sooner, not to worry, always worth running things past on here as the wealth of knowledge on here is great.