BCA Battery charger/power unit

Sep 22, 2020
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My current van is equipped with a Combined BCA manufactured 12 volt power supply unit and battery charger. It’s a dual output unit one output serving to charge the Leisure battery the other to supply 12 volts to the van.
The only time the leisure battery is connected to the supply the van is when the 240 volt mains fails and a relay in the Power unit releases to connect battery to van. Obviously when your not on a hook up the relay remains released and battery and van are connected continuously.

Issue I have is the noise generated by the cooling fan in the power unit. Although the van is new and totally LED lit,a relatively small. amperage load results on the fan operating. The fan speed increasing as the load increases.
it’s one of those droning type noises that you cannot ignore when your trying to have a quiet read or whatever.

What seems strange to me is the fact that on mains hook up, the Leisure battery serves no purpose in load sharing with the power unit? if it was would avoid the power unit being loaded to the point it needed to invoke extra cooling from the inbuilt fan.

I have always been an advocate of using the leisure battery in a way that keeps it maintained through load and charge cycles. Currently my system doesn’t allow this unless I suspend the use of any 240 volt appliances and switch of the hook up supply to bring the battery into service as detailed earlier.

Any of yourselves suffered noisy PU fans - be interested in any comments
Nov 16, 2015
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I have the same unit in my Coachman. It is very quiet almost silent, but I have a spare one, got caught out with a failure.. which has a noise fan. I need to send it for repair or at least testing.