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Jun 2, 2015
We have a 2010 Hyundia Sante Fe 2.2 CRDI FWD tugging out Adria Tamar, no problems there, at the moment the kids bikes sit in the c-van above the axle padded out with some old pillows and the awning bag, no problem there either... except that it is a bit of a bind having to drive up to the caravan storage to retrieve the kids' bikes after we have been away, it is about five miles from where we live. This hasn't been a problem so far as we are away an awful lot and as the kids are too young to be out and about on their bikes home the bikes live in the van during the weeks whilst they are at school (obviously for the summer holidays I have brought them home). Anyway I have decided on getting a bike rack to carry the bikes on the car... do we get a roof mounted one or rear door rack. I have roofbars so no additional cost there but the roof is too high without standing on something to reach up and I am 6' tall. The obvious benefit of having the bikes on the roof is that the weight is evenly distributed rather than on the rear axle which already has the nose weight (don't go there) and boot full of stuff to contend with. But a rear door mounted bike rack gives,easier access and will carry multiple bikes whereas on the roof it's one bike per rack. Any experience that I can draw on?
Apr 17, 2010
Its probably personal preference.
Bike racks on the back of the car can mean that once in place you cant open the rear hatch & if mounted to the tow bar can effect the nose weight of the caravan onto the tow ball due to the extra loading. Roof mounted racks are out of the way but as you say you need to lift the bike up & down quite some height.
We use the roof mounted racks , but be warned as the kids get bigger the bikes get heavier! ;)
Apr 7, 2008
How about a ( Turn the volume down :eek:hmy: ) side loading roof rack you can fit and fasten the bikes on and then lift & slide it into place.

( Photos found on Google )


Jun 20, 2005
Do you think it will be easy to load the bikes sideways on?? Think of the stress on the wheels and spokes before you lift it up. I wonder if that's why they show the kayak vid :unsure:
Mar 2, 2010
How about this one
Its for a Volvo but made by Thule I understand.Ive seen one and they clamp onto square or rectangular bars but not the Aero type bars.


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