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Boxer/Ducato/Relay - Speedometer difficult to see

We know the visibility problem exists on the earlier model and we can make the dial.
However,but we have a dilemma with it.
On the 2015 model they (Fiat) only fitted two variations of the dial. Manual and Automatic. The difference is the position of the warning lights. Why they didn't make them the same is anybody's guess.
On the earlier model there were five variants!!!
We have the speedo faces so we could make those in white but the rev-counters have a variety of warning lights too and we don't have those.
Making a dial or a set (same cost) is expensive and we need to see the rev-counter to know what the warning light display is. A good photo will do.
If we have ten firm orders we can make the dials at the website price (£55) as the set up costs will be covered.
Now, this is part that no one seems to understand. If we have, say, ten orders but they are for the five variants that's two of each variant. But, that means five different production set up's and runs so it hikes the costs up for each one. We would need eight to ten firm orders for each variant to make it viable.
Just for the record, it costs around £190.00 (+vat) for a one off dial (or set) but for these we could do a one off for probably £145.00 (+vat). At those rates we barely cover the cost so any profit comes from the next sale. And if there isn't a next sale...... we loose.
Hope this helps a little
Lockwood Int.



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