Bradcot 'Patio Conversion'

Mar 14, 2005
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I've been considering buying a Porch Awning.

I have already got a brandnew Bradcot Classic 875 but for CL Sites it's a lot of awning to erect for a short stay.

Then I discover that there is a 'Patio Conversion'??

Unfortunately there is no photo/sketch/instructions etc as to how all this will take place with a 'Classic' and what it actually looks like.

If I buy the conversion will it allow me to use with ease my existing 'Classic' as a 'porch? I wonder is there anyone out there who can help please?

Many thanks

Mar 14, 2005
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Ian, The purpose of the conversion is in the event that the awning you have is too short for the van. The awning is fed through the rail as per normal, but either the leading or back side panel is not fed through. The kit then consists of a pole, and padded rubbing pad. You fit this to the side that isn't in the rail in the same manner as a normal porch. If it is really short, and you want it central on the van, then you can buy 2 kits one for each end. Only the roof will then go through the rail.

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