Burrs Country Park, Bury

Aug 6, 2005
Recently came back from this CC site and would just like to say how nice it is.

The site is despartely close to Burys main roads and the M66, yet is really quiet being set in the middle of the country park. There are walks for humans and dogs from the site along side a lovely river and a privately run railway has steam trains and old diesels running gently past every now and again. The area is very industrial north which is interesting although perhaps not our thing, however there are lots of resovoirs which have walks around them and strange hill top towers to investigate.

The site itself is a new one for the caravan club who have spent a lot of money upgrading it. Mainly hardstanding so that it can be open all year and once the landscaping has got going will be a very pretty area. We were there for the last week of the school holidays and there were quite a large number of children about, but they were all great and didn't cause any problems to anyone as far as I could see or hear. There isn't a childrens play area on the site, but the pub at the entrance has a great area full of things to climb on an mess about on whilst parents can have a nice glass of something and keep an eye on things. No dog walk either, but the park is right outside of the entrance and has plenty of poo bins and most people must be cleaning up as we didn't see any in the park.

A nice walk is to follow the river upstream and catch the steam train back to Bury (dogs travel free), wander round Burys famous market and stroll back to the site (about a mile and a half)

Highly recommended

May 12, 2006
Thanks for that report, we are going to Burrs very soon into the New Year. Nice to have positive feedback

Jul 3, 2006
Totally agree with you Gill

We went about March time and the boys had a great time catching tadpoles in the network of rivers and ponds that you can walk round.

A big plus for us as well was that there was a family bathroom so the boys could have a bath before bedtime which at that time of the year was lovely - got them all warm and cosy before bed.

Only half an hour away for us and everyone laughed when we said we were going to Bury caravanning but it was lovely. We will definitely be back as well. The wardens were really nice and friendly as well and the boys loved the fact that about every 15 minutes or so a steam train would go by, whistle blowing and everybody waving.


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