Caravan Club ferry fares

Mar 14, 2005
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Going to St Malo in january. six people in one car(seven seater).Return fare with cabins:Brittany Ferries £350

Caravan Club £521

Does it really pay to be a member?
Apr 13, 2005
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Emmerson, this subject has ben touched on before but you are right theire does appear to be little to encourage people to become member of either club. over the past year we have experianced bad mannered and arrogant site managers, over zealous rules vigerously enforced, we have had wardens attempt to charge us as it was 11.30 and not 12.00 on arrival and then they had the cheek to tell us we had to be off site by 12.00 at the very latest on sunday even though there was only our two vans and one other on site, then as you rightly say the prices quoted this year are far more expensive than booking direct yourself for ferry's and sites abroad and the site fees for club sites are now so expensive that they rival some of the big commerciall operators, yes i know the standards on site are usually better but i would much rather have a swimming pool, entertainment, club house, restuarant, shop, childrens play area and a more relaxed atmosphere for my 16.00. even if the toilet and showers are not so clever which is rare these days the commercialls still represent much better value, after all the toilet and shower in my van is spotless. as ive said before ive cancelled both my memberships this year as after 6 years i no longer find the clubs worth it.