Caravan covers

Jan 19, 2002
Can anyone provide a link to a previous PC Mag article about covers? Or offer advice for such for my Elddis Xplore derivative '452' 2011 model. Seem to range in price for a generic from about £90 to about £350 for a specific. I want weather protection with no risk of scratching!
Thanks for your help
Feb 23, 2018
Found this from 2012:

I have experienced of a generic Maypole cover which was used to cover a 'classic' caravan, which had glass windows. It was a poor fit as the caravan was too small for even the smallest cover, but it kept the crap off. However, I was lazy and didn't bother to clean the caravan before covering, so the dirt got rubbed into the re-painted caravan sides and inside of the cover.... The Maypole cover touts that it has multiple breathable waterproof layers, which I do not doubt, but it is very heavy and thick; It was a real pain to get on as it opened via 2 zips on the side panel, but there was no device to help it over. Only the size and shape of my caravan meant it could be a one-person job.

For my Sprite, I have purchased a tailored Pro-Tec cover after using their Towing Jacket (both made from the same stuff) The Pro-Tec item is much thinner, which makes it smaller and lighter when packed and comes with a door-access panel and a roll-up rear panel, which combined with lifting poles (supplied) makes it easier to walk-over the van with 2 people. I'm yet to use it, as the van needs to be washed, but based on using the towing jacket, it should not cause scratching.
Aug 23, 2006
We had Bailey caravans for years and never covered them, there was a question on if it would damaged them..
Two years ago though we purchased an Eriba from Automotive Leisure and at the same time a cover from them for it. The cover as is always the case with Automotive Leisure is excellent.
We make sure the caravan is cleaned before fitting and I must admit it's kept the Eriba beautifully.
It comes out spotless and we haven't found any scratches.
We've also purchased a ProTec towing cover and can honestly say it keeps the front of the Eriba spotless.
We can heartily recommend both Automotive Leisure and ProTec, both we've found are excellent to deal with.
Just make sure the caravan is thoroughly clean and dry before fitting
Hopes this helps.
Sep 5, 2016
In my case these days it is just a front cover to cover two foot on the top of the van and down to the front locker box then I put on a top cover that comes down the sides two feet, I just like to have all the top seams covered ,
Mar 14, 2005
The Protech cover I had years ago was a pretty good fit but a complete pain to fit in anything other than flat calm, and would probably be impossible for us now given advanced years.
Even with this cover there was sufficient slack that the fabric moved and rippled in strong winds and this started to scratch the front centre window even though this had been carefully cleaned before fitting.
The cover was also impossible to sell when the caravan was changed. I traced the new owner and gave it to him.
Since then my form of protection from the uK winter has been to take the caravan to Spain until Easter Which I know does not answer the question directly but may provoke some lateral thinking.. As and when my solution is no longer available I will keep the caravan in the open, away from falling leaves if possible, clen and probably wax it then a coat of over wintering fluid. Interior is kept dry and slightly warm as we use it as overflow accommodation and as extra fridge space but I would drain down and do the other usual lay-up things.


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