Caravan in Thailand

Nov 23, 2021
Hi everyone,

I am living for 5 years now in Thailand and as I grew up with camping back home, I decided to try if Caravan ownership is possible in Thailand. It is basically almost non existent yet. Some places now have fixed Caravans for people to stay Hotel style but I have never seen one on the road in all my years here.
But we have done a lot of tent camping here and places have improved a lot, electricity is not a problem nowadays, so I thought to try if I can make Caravan holidays work. I also like DIY, so don't mind a bit of a project.

I drive a Volvo V60 (getting a tow bar was the first huge hurdle, but that's a different story) and bought a few weeks ago an 2004 Abbey GTS Vogue 217 imported from the UK. It's old, and older than I would buy in the Uk, but I also wanted to minimize the write-off should this not work at all. (I am not sure yet if we can get it registered legally, currently driving without number plate and insurance is not even worth thinking about. )

But good news, so far got everything important working. I checked humidity inside and so far all looks water tight. We found a friendly camping place in the country side near Khao Yai National Park, 2 1/2 hours from our home in Bangkok, where we can park it in a garage when we don't use it. And people have generally been very helpful and excited as it's a new thing and a very small community here. (Even thought the standard answer to "Does you camping place have space for a Caravan?" is usually "A what?")

And driving is ok if you go slow, but we have only done very short distance. I need one of the tyres replaced (posted a question on this in fact) so I don't dare to drive far yet.

As I don't have many people to ask for help here, I might have some rather basic questions at time.

This is a bit of an adventure and wish me luck.




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Nov 12, 2009
Hello Lars, welcome to the forum.
You're a caravan pioneer, good luck and I hope that you'll find more places to stay in your caravan.
There's a wealth of knowledge on this forum, so feel free to ask any questions no matter how basic they may seem.
Jan 3, 2012
Hi Lars welcome to the forum any questions you will receive a answer they are a great bunch on here
Jul 19, 2021
Good luck with your adventures. Sounds like you may have some issues to overcome but wow