caravan sky tv for just ú25

Oct 28, 2009
i have had some good response from my earlier post and a link to a website, taking advice from the website i can now set up sky tv in my caravan for just £25 which includes delivery and vat.

here is how i am going to do it,

take my sky box and portable tv with me and use my caravan rotary line as a tripod, cut down and without the line, then all i need is,

dish with 15m cable = £9.99

sat finder with cable = £7.45

next day delivery = £7.95

total price around £25

if any one wants to look at the website it has a link in my post subject ( suitcase sat dish )
Jul 16, 2007

sounds a good deal. However, I wouldn't bother with the sat finder. I use a cheap compass and line up the dish with this, then switch on the meter on the receiver and, if I can't directly see this, my wife can sit down and shout through the window, with me moving the dish very slightly and pausing a second. Only usually takes less than a minute with regular practice!


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