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carsafedrive or auto pilot or driver assist

May 3, 2019
hi everybody,

I have developed an app on google play store called carsafedrive anybody can download it on their android phone.

I thought it might be ideal for motorhome users who drive long distances. Basically it attempts to warn you if you get too close to a vehicle or if the vehicle break lights come on in front of you. It sound an alarm to warn.

I use it when driving long distances but thought it might be ideal for motorhome owners and lorry drivers.

I am looking for feedback when it is used on long motorway drives. How useful you have found it and what issues or improvements you feel it may need.

Also with people who have high end phones some feedback on how they found lane control on motorways.

To find the app just goto google play store and type in carsafedrive and scroll down. Then look at the video before downloading it to get a better idea of what it can do.

Any feedback would be great, I have been developing this app for about 2 years now.
Apr 25, 2019
Hope the app works well.
My Volvo does all these things and I would hate to be without them now I have them.
It would really help road safety if more vehicles had them.
Well Done



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