Charging from hookup 1996Kontiki

Oct 9, 2012
Hi Folks, new to this forum, so sorry if this is old news but.....
I have a 1996 Kontiki, 640 and the charger in the wardrobe is not working when hooked up. Everything else is fine but neither the engine or leisure batteries are getting supply. The book says there is a relay but it could be anywhere. Anyone else had this problem? All clues welcome.
Jan 23, 2011
Hi I don't have details of your specific model, but there are a couple of common items to check.
Firstly check the RCD/MCB for the Charger switched on.(it may have tripped & switched off) Secondly check the charger fuse, (a blown fuse would cause the RCD?MCB to trip). There may also be a further fuse after the charger which would need checking. Thirdly the (split charging) relay which could be anywhere in the system after the charger.
If all the above don't sort, try posting on Swift Talk forum
or contact Sargents (Hull) - Sargent Technical Support Line 01482 678981


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