Cleaning the outside of a motorhome

Oct 24, 2015
Good Evening All,

Whilst I have some knowledge and (OCD!) experience of DIY car detailing, the same cannot be said for a newly acquired motorhome.

For example, my car has been treated with a glass coat sealant, so to maintain it I only use ph neutral snow foam and shampoo. I neve use polish as polish has a negative effect and don't need to use a wax as I only need to wipe the glass coating over with the recommended QD as this not only removes any water marks (as I don't yet use a water filter for the final rinse) but also gives an amazing finish and unbelievably tight beading.

Our motorhome has been treated to Supaguard. Whilst this is not a coating that I would use on my car, my opinion is application of any sealant is only as good as the prep before hand. I doubt that the supplying dealer has done anything more than wash the vehicle and then wiped it over with the Supaguard. So unless the surfaces were completely decontaminated after the wash cycle, the Supaguard coating will not work to its best effect.

Common sense and my wallet dictate that after snow foaming, I use the Supaguard shampoo and paste/wax to maintain and hopefully improve the original Supaguard coating.

However on the subject of cleaning and maintaining a motorhome, there is very little if any mention of Supaguard. Yet there is stuff about cleaning products from Power Maxed, Fenwick and Marine polish. These seem to pop up time and time again and are well advertised.

So as per my opening shot, I would be grateful if you can point me in the right direction as to the best and most effective products for cleaning and maintaining our motorhome. Particularly the roof - as our feathered friends regularly practice their dive bombing technique early morning and evening. (I want to avoid a roof cover so as to avoid the risk of scratching and marring) Whilst I see motorhome owners standing/kneeling on their vehicle's roof cleaning - I understand this should be avoided?

Thank you
Mar 13, 2011
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Ukjon said:
.......Whilst I see motorhome owners standing/kneeling on their vehicle's roof cleaning - I understand this should be avoided?

I would imagine that would depend on the construction of the motorhome.

Obviously important not to walk around up there with gritty shoes etc. I usually clean up there barefoot or wearing a clean pair of crocs :woohoo:

And best to not stand back and admire your handywork.........
Jun 3, 2015
Apart from the safety related issue - The primary reason to not go on the roof is to avoid damaging the sheet (scratches and dents from small sharp objects) or more seriously still, the risk of disturbing joints and seals around roof lights etc.

Once you get water ingress and damp you will have a whole new world of pain (and expense) :( .

Some motorhomes do have special roof racks / platforms and access ladders, but I would still be very wary about putting any large loads on the roof .... Would definitely go for a set of tall step ladders and a telescopic brush myself.


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