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Connecting external solar panel


Jan 7, 2020
Hi. I have just bought a 2004 Swift Sundance 630L , which I think has its own solar panel on the roof? . I already have a big briefcase solar panel from our last M/H. Is there any way to connect the old panel as well for when we are off grid for a week? The leisure battery is right in the middle of the floor, and I don't want wires trailing .... We do use a lot of power as Hubby likes his TV..
Jan 31, 2018
if you look under the van you will probably find the batter box has vent holes-you can run a wire from this to somewhere suitable terminating in a water proof socket. This could even be run back inside your caravan as if you crawl under there there are vents and holes; just pick what works best for you. You can then plug your portable solar panel in via a charge controller-worked really well for us-although when in storage i left our panel connected and charging propped in one of the roof lights!


May 7, 2005
I have run solar panels as you intend, in parallel, without there being conflicting issues between the two solar controllers, so it is possible. My controllers are both Morningstar, and they make a specific claim these can operate in parallel.
I would give it a try.
Technically, it can be checked if they are both contributing, but without the kit and basic knowledge to do this IMO it would be fine just to try it and see if you improve the amount the battery gets.
Size for size the portable has particularly through the "winter" months the ability to gain more than a roof fixed panel.
Sep 29, 2016
OP, you can connect up the panels without making any new connections to the battery compartment.

Before I try to explain, can you tell me the wattage of your roof panel and the wattage of each portable panel.

And how many amps is your solar panel controller rated at, it will be stated on the controller.
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Mar 14, 2005
I am certain it can be done, but it will depend on teh existing requirement you have in the motorhome. Check the instructions for the charge controller, hopefully they should be self explanatory. But as with all power electrics if you are not confident with dealing with electrics ( or gas for that matter) it is always better to refer the design and job to a competent fitter.

Even 12V systems can be dangerous if the design or wiring is substandard.
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Nov 16, 2015
I read previously on another thread, that there is a 12 volt connection near to the 240 volt hookup, on most Caravans that are for external Solar panels.



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