Constantly running water pump

Aug 17, 2019
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Hello folks

We have an 11 year old Hymer Nova SL 'van, which we've recently purchased and are still finding our way around. We're not using the onboard water tank, but instead are using an Aquaroll (hmm, not sure that's quite the name but I guess you'll understand) with a hose that snaps into a socket on the outside of the 'van, which has a pump at the end which we immerse in the water. There is a separate power cable, clipped to said hose, which plugs into a power supply on the same panel (a rectangular blue 2-pin thing)

This has generally worked fine, but now we're finding that the pump is constantly running which is draining the leisure battery when we're off grid. I've tried switching over to the internal tank and then that pump runs constantly, so I think there is some electrical fault which is causing the pump to be switched on even when the taps are all off. I've tried jiggling each tap, to no avail. There is no *obvious* water leak from the system either.

I've seen other posts which mention pressure-switched water pump systems and alternative systems which have a microswitch in each tap, which switch on the water pump when the tap is opened. I'm pretty sure ours is the latter, since there are wires clipped up the water hoses to the taps and there is a faint click when each tap is opened.

I read on the forum that I should try to unplug each microswitch in turn, to see whether one of them is malfunctioning, then replace that switch. Problem is, I can't get at any such plug on any of the taps. Before I go to the extent of buying and replacing the microswitches on all (3) taps, I wanted to check to see whether there might be any other cause that I should check off before doing this.

Suggestions welcome!

Sep 29, 2016
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Hi jezzer62,

What pump brand and model type are you using?

Lots of folks on here willing to help.

Welcome to the forum :) :)


Mar 14, 2005
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To establish if you have microswitches in the taps you need to follow the wires from one tap and see if it is joined to anything, they are usually crimp connected if in use, not a plug as such.

The faint click as you operate the tap is just the contacts opening or closing, nothing to do whether or not the microswitces are actually connected.

Pretty much every maker uses microswitched taps as that is how they come, but not necessarily used.


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