Cycle carriers

Feb 15, 2012
During a recent weekend away our neighbour at the campsite was quick to advise us that our cycle carrier was illegal and he was surprised we had not been stopped by the Police (3pts and a fine!) This came as a shock especially as we will be on our travels in 2 weeks from England to France for 3 months. The cycles are an essential part of the trip and I am using a tow ball fixing cycle rack, which I accept does have movement over bumps. The cycle rack has flexibility as it is not fixed to the motorhome but I don't expect the rack to collapse. We have a tail board with registration plate and operational stop / directional lights. I have checked Police cycle laws but cannot find clear direction on the suitability of my cycle carrier. Can anyone help or direct me to a suitable information source, thank you.
Nov 19, 2010
Did your neighbour helpfully explain exactly which law you were supposed to be breaking?
We used a similar rack, mounted only on the towball, for several years in the 80s and 90s, and I'm sure they're still for sale.
As long as it's not an "unstable load," and lights and no plate are visible or repeated, I can't imagine what would be illegal about it.
Can anyone else here?
Maybe he was just grumpy cos he'd bought a much more elaborate (and expensive) one?
Dec 9, 2010
I would be very interested to hear why your neighbour thought your rack was illegal We use a fantastic "ball mounted" Altea rack which is still available as are Thule and other manufacturers models. As I understand it as long as you have lights and a numberplate (ours are built-in) are not overloading it or the tow-ball or tow-bar and the bike/s do not extend beyond the width of the vehicle there shouldn't be a problem.



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