Mar 16, 2005
I see that all of my posts from today on the volvo topic have been deleted, as have some other peoples post?

Very strange! personally my post were well controlled and factual. the other posts slatting me didn't seem that strong.

So why have they been deleted?

At this rate you will have me going paranoid,believing that

some on here are more equal than others...


I do not wish to make nay comment regarding the 'whys and wherefores' of this particular arguement.

However, it is the rule of virtually all Forums that posts should not be insulting or derogatory to other members, even if the author feels their point of view is not necessarily inflammatory. I have noted that the Moderators on this particular Forum give a great deal of latitude towards posts which may be construed to be less than polite, and for that they require our appreciation, but they do have limits on what they can approve.

If a post is deleted it would possibly be a magnanimous gesture if the author was to admit to having 'gone over the top' and apologise. We all get heated at times, but acknowledging it is not a sign of weakness.

Of course if 2 members really feel they have something to settle then a 'meeting with pistols' at dawn on a campsite could possibly be the answer. Just don't wake the rest of us up??
Oct 19, 2005
When a topic devolves into a personal argument and abuse arena between members, it becomes a pointless topic, and most other users do not wish to trawl through numerous irrelevant postings,therefore they have been removed, and the same will happen to any other hijacked threads.

Please keep to the topic, and dont sink to the personal attack and abuse stage, and everyone will be happy.

I hope.
Jan 19, 2008
gio, I have no problem with you as a person. All I asked was for you to try and use some punctuation and capital/upper case letters to try and make your posts easier to understand. I even confirmed it in a later post that it wasn't an attack on you, just advice to make your posts seem less aggressive and easier on the eye to understand. You then became sarcastic accusing me of not using punctuation without showing the evidence telling me I should practice what I preach. Clive made a post about insurance and you sarcastically asked him if he'd been reading an insurance magazine when insurance is Clives occupation. Maybe it's your latin blood and if you spent less time gesticulating with your arms and more time concentrating on punctuation your posts might be more easily understood :O) At no time did I mention your spellings gio. I have a friend who was brought up in Germany but now lives in the U.K. and like Lutz, puts a lot of us to shame. She is always pulling me up on my spellings, especially has/as and was/were. All I'm asking gio is to be less agressive and sarcastic in your postings if someone disagrees with you. I accept some of the blame because I should ignore it. By the way gio, the arm gesticulating comment was a joke ;O)
Oct 19, 2005
The posting from Giovanni and subsequent replies have been deleted.

The Moderators try and keep a reasonable balance relating to postings.

When a decision is taken to remove postings, it is for good reason,and the decision is a final one.

The subject is not open for further discussion.

This forum is not the place to start trying to engage in starting another argument.

If any user wishes to complain, please do so by E-mail to the usual address:

Thank you for your compliance.


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