Differences between Swift Models

Jun 11, 2005
Can someone kindly let me know the difference between the various Swift models.

Abbey Aventura 340 £14,640.00

Ace Equerry £14,095.00

Sterling Europa 600 £14,540.00

Swift Charisma 590 £14,095.00

These are all the same layout - but I have no idea as to the differences - and can't find out by searching.

Not even sure why they sell virtually identical ranges.

Apr 13, 2005
Hi, from what we could see apart from the name and the colours of the furnishings there are absolutely no differences between the models you have quoted. we looked at all these vans when we decided to replace our coachman laser and as you have said we could not understand swift making so many different vans exactely the same. in the end we opted for the ace equerry but only becouse glossop caravans who are our local dealer do a special version called the celebration, its a much higher spec than the standard equerry but the same price, well worth a look if you want a swift van. personally i would have bought another coachman as they are far better built than swift vans but i did not wish to buy another 4x4 to tow it, my galaxy towed the van fine but it was right on the limit weight wise. having said this the ace seems to be ok but ive only had it five weeks and used it twice, but i can say it tows very well indeed no instability at all and very light compared to the laser.
May 12, 2005
We have the new Sprite which we bought at Barrons (Firebrand) and are well pleased so far. There's only two of us now so having a fixed bed was the major criteria we were looking for. Seems to fit the bill and didn't break the bank at
Mar 14, 2005
The Abbey has GRP sides like a motorhome. All the vans are heavy for what they are. I have a Bailey Provence MTPLM 1420kgs. Its shipping length is 24 ft and is a far bigger van internally than the Swift group identikits.


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