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May 24, 2023
Hi everyone,
New to the scene with my partner and little boy. We have purchased an old but very sound Abbey Vogue GTS 416 dated 1999. She's as close to brilliant condition that we could find for the age. No damp anywhere, couple of small dents here and there and a previous repair on the tail but she's lovely. Inside is complete and original. Plenty to tweak and update but perfect for us. Both of us had experience with touring caravans as kids but never owned and been responsible so it's all new and exciting.
Jan 19, 2002
Welcome to the forum and to your new adventures.
Depending on the service record consider contacting a local to get it serviced and checked, and also request a full damp test report. Cost should be about £200.
Also check the age of the tyres - recommended to change every 5-7 years irrespective of mileage - the side walls have a 4 digit code - first two digits week and second year. so 0521 would be February 2021.
Also worth joining one or both of the clubs for access to their main sites and individual sites (CL or CS), insurance and breakdown cover etc.


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