Dorema Pyramid pdq awning

Jan 6, 2006
Has anyone had any experience with a PDQ awning, we've ordered one off the net today after seeing their promo video at our local dealer.

Basically they live on your awning rail like a sunshade in a zip up bag that contains all the poles and take 2 mins to erect.The price is £172 and inculdes storm straps and easy tensioning poles.It sounds ideal for weekend breaks which we do a lot of, comments please!
Feb 19, 2006
Hi we purchased the pdq awning at the London show and took delivery of it a couple of weeks ago.

We followed instructions and put on our caravan on a dry day, we went away a week later, arrived at site and unzipped the bag containing awning on side of van to find that the awning was wet, we guess the zip up bag is not water tight, apart from that we were pleased with it, until it started to rain. It leaked not only that there was a little wind and the awning has come away from the stitching on the bag for the first 2 foot. We have sent it back for a refund the lady on phone said there has been a lot of complaints of our friends are also sending theres back WOULD NOT RECOMMEND


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