Electrical Power Failure

Jan 9, 2018
This is a bit embarrasing really, after caravanning for 35 years and doing all the repairs, diy and installations that we all do, I have a problem that has left me at a loss.
After towing for approximately 2 hours the 12 volt caravan system shuts down and then resets. The indications are that the fridge ( Thetford N3112) starts flashing showing failure. The clue to knowing it all shuts down is that the Truma Inet panel shows an elapsed time e.g "00:25" or 01:15" etc. instead of real time. This is how I know that there has been a shutdown and reset. The elapsed time from the journey time shows that it is normally about 2 hours into the journey. The fridge comes when I hookup as normal.
Tha car wiring has not been interfered with and was OK with my previous van. I have tried connecting the car on site, selecting 12 volt on the fridge and playing with the car/van switch to induce failure but to no effect. I have recently fitted a solar panel and on todays trip I removed the fuse in the interests of fault finding but still had the power failure enroute.
Tha caravan is a 2017 Coachman.
All suggestions gratefully received.


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