End kitchen removal to enable repair from damp help please..

Jul 20, 2021
We knowingly took on a lovely but slightly neglected wayfarer as we’re happy to do restorative work. It had long standing leaking taps from both the kitchen and the bathroom so some of the wood at the back of the kitchen is rotten. I have removed the bathroom and oven/hob, sink and fridge also. I have undone all the screws holding the kitchen framework in place. Just realised it’s wider than the door so assuming unless it’s easy to get out the window, I will have to dismantle it further. I’m just worried in case I mess it up 😅. Can anyone recommend the best places to get replacement doors and replacement parts pls, I’ve found O’Leary motor homes but wondered if there were any more? Or if you just general have any kitchen replacement tips?

Many thanks in advance
Jan 19, 2002
If you google 'Caravan breakers' you will find links to several companies that stock parts who you might choose to contact with a specific part enquiry. Not sure where you live but even if not 'just round the corner' they appear to offer a delivery service.


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