Even the dog is social distancing me!!!

Nov 11, 2009
Thanks to BOJO’s relaxation of travel rules we had our first walk on Salisbury Plain for over 8 weeks. An area where it is so easy to practice that horrible phrase “ social distancing”. The dogs loved it, heard our first cuckoo, and the post walk cook up of bacon butties and tea alfresco was a real pleasure.

Driving over there felt quite strange as although the cars had been taken out periodically that was in town or the local bypass. Driving cross country on A and B roads was unusual in that your eyes required to look into the distance and be aware of the surroundings too. I know from previous experience that people spending time in enclosed spaces shouldn’t drive for at least 24 hours. Whilst lock down isn’t quite the same it brought home to me the “use it or lose it” phrase.

Anyway the two mutts enjoyed themselves in a different place and even managed to put up a hare. Which gave them a free lesson in how to waste your time. As seen they were somewhat breathless on their return. Stupid at 13 years old but that’s spaniels for you.

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