Folding caravan v caravan v trailer tent

Mar 14, 2005
A colleague of mine has gone through the 'might buy another tent and go camping' to trailer tents and is now looking at folding caravans. So the question that I was asked 'what do you think of folding caravans'. Never having owned ones my opinions are only perceived - having used tents in my younger years and giving up because I got fed up with getting wet in our delightful weather have gone for the luxury of a caravan.

Therefore, can any of you experienced in the above offer some pros and cons.

Many thanks
Mar 14, 2005
I'd be hesitant about buying a folding caravan, especially a used one. Because of the number of moving parts, there's always a risk of problems with fit and function of the various hinges and panels. I wouldn't have quite the same reservations about pop-up caravans where only the roof is raised, though, as their mechanism is generally more robust. Tent trailers also have moving parts that can go wrong but at least they're cheaper and easier to repair.


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