gas barbeque

Mar 14, 2005
Thinking of buying a Firenze portable gas barby from Argos---looks a nice size as there are just the two of us---anyone out there have one----any info would be appreciated
Jan 6, 2006
Hi Rob

We've got one, used it excess last year and found it to be an amazing piece of kit, it's self, contained easy to clean and very versatile.It's not as good as a full blown Cadac,but at a fraction of the price it beats it hands down on value.

We use ours with the plug in bbq point for doing the bacon & eggs on the hot plate and use the grill for bbq's,I've heard of people doing baked tates on their's.The plates and grills are non-stick and very easy to clean, the only draw back is it stands a little low off the ground.

All told it's an excellent device very compact and comes complete with a wheeled case with compartments for bbq tools, it does exactly what it says on the tin.Not quite as versitile as a Cadac, but good deal cheaper and I think it's better value for money(thats my personal opinion)


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