Haven pricing....wow

Jun 16, 2010
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I understand that the thought of staying at a Haven wouldn't appeal to many, but i've just had a look to see what the current situation is regarding bookings.

This year, they've decided to pull all the 'entertainment' facilities and just offer a touring experience (which i understand), but the prices have blown me away.

Of the usual sites we used to stay at, they want between £40 to £50 a night, which gets me nothing more than a pitch!

Am i hopelessly out of touch regards their pricing ? I can never remember it being that expensive even when it included access to all their facilities! I'm certainly not paying those prices, is this how they intend to entice people back when there's no expensive bar / restaurants to subsidise their profits!
May 7, 2012
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Not sure they really want us but we fill up a bit of space where they have it. Given what their losses will be, they may be hoping to pull some back with the high prices, it may back fire but time will tell.


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