Height Increase.

Sep 10, 2014
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I have a Lunar Cosmos 352 which is a small ( but beautifully formed ) van and have been using an awning with poles,,which was becoming an issue putting up,,so I bought a Kampa pro Rally air and it is so much easier.
It is suitable for vans with a rail height of 235 to 250 cms and mine stands at 231 !!
So I've run it up onto my Fiamma levelling ramps,,but by the time I then drop it back onto the securing locks ( to release the movers ) I only gain 6 cms.
It was an improvement but I still got a puddle on the roof due to the lack of slope.
I was thinking of buying a set of Milenco Triples which will double my height gain and because their shape I can safely release the movers ( having applied the handbrake ) and not lose any height.
Is my thinking correct or is there a better option please.
Mar 14, 2005
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Apart from making a pair of wooden ramps with reasonable horizntal distances between the ramp element ) such the van wheels sit on these and do not run back down a continual slope, not much comes to mind. I say a pair as if you lift only the door side you may find your sink, shower etc don't drain too well (depending on layout) or you may even notice the lack of level in bed.
The only other suggestion if you use CLs is to park across the slope such that you get more slope on the awning anyway.
Jun 20, 2005
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Sorry to say your problem is not unusual and one of the many reasons my Kampa resides in the loft awaiting me getting round to selling it.
Have you messed around with the pitching and guy lines?
You are telling me the odd centimetre is making the difference. Not how it should be in my book.
Nov 16, 2015
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Hi Pensioner, I bought a Milenco Quatro after having a very bad pitch one time, and have only used them a about twice. I thought the wheel profile was great but SWMBLO said no a bit more , back a bit, down a bit, back to the old yellow ones. .