Heki Roof Lights - Draught excluder?

Feb 23, 2018
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On my recent travels, I was staying at the C&CC Club Site on Skye. A picturesque site right on the loch, but seemed to get very windy. So much so, that the caravan was buffeted around and the wind was whistling around the Hekis'; not much you can do about that as they sit proud of the roof. But, when the Heki blinds were closed, there seemed to be some negative pressure making them vibrate. Not enough to cause damage, but enough to keep me awake (in concert with the whole buffeting thing). I could not feel much of a draught, but some Googling pointed me to a MotorHome forum where they advised someone with the same issue that there was a gasket for the clear dome.

Has anyone on here heard of, or experienced this issue before?


Edit: My Profile pic was taken at said campsite!
Nov 6, 2006
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Interested to hear of this. Its not happened often, but we have occasionally experienced the Heki 4 blind being noisy in a breeze. I assumed there would be no solution due to the need to maintain ventilation?


Mar 14, 2005
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Motorhome rooflights and caravan rooflights are two entirely different things.
With motorhomes it is permitted to have non ventilated roof vents as air is allowed into the MH in different places and is permanent.

Caravans are not permitted to have non vented rooflights as there is a danger that they could all be blocked (or changed to non vented) and then the problems of lack of oxygen arise, especially when cooking on gas.


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